Manholes & Catch Basins

Manhole 800V.J. Rice Concrete is also a major manufacturer of precast concrete manholes and catch basins in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our manholes are manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM-C478 specifications. Precast concrete manholes consist of a base section, riser section(s) and concentric cones or flat top slabs depending on height restrictions. They are in standard diameters of 1050mm (42"), 1200mm (48"), 1500mm (60"), 1800mm (72"), 2100mm (84"), and 2400mm (96") with a variety of heights to meet your project needs. Openings for pipe inlets and outlets can be accommodated by either a simple formed hole or a high quality rubber or nitrile inwall gaskets.

Additional sizes for manholes and pipe can be provided upon request to meet your specific job conditions. To inquire about different sizes or special specifications, please contact us.


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