Median Barriers

MedianBarrier 800V.J. Rice Concrete produces a reinforced concrete median barrier (jersey barrier) in several lengths for your convenience. These barriers can be used for numerous applications; traffic control, property protection, perimeter fencing, material retention or to protect propane and oil tanks. All our pre-cast concrete barriers are steel reinforced, and engineered to provide maximum impact resistance.

For the home owner or contractor, we produce these barriers in three different lengths; 4’ (1200mm), 8’ (2400mm) and 9’10” (3000mm). Our barriers are simple and quick to maneuver into place and provide a solid structure to deter unwanted visitors. We also produce a 3000mm long barrier that meets Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal specifications (“F” Shape NCHRP 350). This barrier comes complete with galvanized hardware and connection pin.

V.J. Rice Concrete median barriers can be delivered from stock on short notice and can be set in place with our boom equipped trucks and our hands free automatic barrier tongs or Dayton Swift Lift system. Our median barriers are manufactured with precast grooves in the bottom of the unit to enable easy handling using a forklift.

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