Flow-N-Finish® Concrete

Flow-N-Finish® Concrete is a registered product from V. J. Rice Concrete Limited. It is specially formulated, from new components, to provide a flowable, high slump, but cohesive concrete at a properly maintained water/cement ratio. Additionally, Flow-N-Finish® Concrete offers outstanding finishing qualities.

Rice's Flow-N-Finish® Concrete is easier to place, and provides a superior finish and improved durability, while maintaining normal setting times.

Slump is no longer and indicator of actual water content and workability in Flow-N-Finish® Concrete.

Advantages of Flow-N-Finish® Concrete

  • Easier Placement
    • Superior workability without added water
    • Higher mobility of concrete in the forms while placing
    • Reduced bleeding
  • Faster Finishing
    • Increased surface creaminess
    • Easier leveling, with flatwork mix designs
    • Uniform setting characteristics
  • Reduced Cracking
    • Higher flow ability achieved with reduced water content
    • Reduced plastic and drying shrinkage cracking
  • Durability
    • Rice's Flow-N-Finish® Concrete requires less manipulation to finish. For air entrained floors or slabs, freeze/thaw damage is thereby minimized at the surface of the concrete, resulting in greater durability of the concrete.
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