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The VERSA-LOK® retaining wall system is known for its durability, design flexibility, and ease of installation.

VERSA-LOK® offers easy installation, without mortar or concrete footings. Walls are made from one Standard unit that can form straight pieces, inside corners, outside corners, curves, and steps. The units are made from high-strength, low-absorption concrete and are resistant to damage. The use of VERSA-TUFF® Pins helps to provide uniform alignment and keeps the wall structure secure.

  • Standard
    • The Versa-Lok Standard Retaining Wall System is a permanent, attractive, preferred alternative to ordinary retaining wall types. Standard walls display a natural split-face texture to complement any environment and, because they are made of concrete, are environmentally safe.
    • Versa-Lok Standard retaining walls are economically installed without mortar and do not require concrete footings. In addition, one Standard unit is used to build straight wall, inside corners, outside corners, curves and stairs. No special units need to be ordered or estimated. Matching concrete caps are available to attractively finish any Versa-Lok Standard wall.
  • Mosaic
    • The Versa-Lok Mosaic Retaining Wall System represents the ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance in segmental retaining walls
    • The Mosaic system utilizes Versa-Lok units of varying heights and widths to achieve a random-like pattern that closely represents natural stone walls. Mosaic retaining walls consist of three units: Standard, Accent, and Cobble.
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